When talking about technical support are basically two factors that are essential for a great customer support service. They include both the technical part and the human part.

These factors can’t be worked separately as they together are what make a good service. OF course, these factors include a series of elements that need to be considered by any company aiming to excel in their client’s support service.

In Quicken we believe that our clients are the top priority, that’s why we work around them so our technical capacities match their necessities. In this sense, our essentials for a great customer support are

Human factor

This one is about the employees. As humans are imperfect and you can’t control absolutely every aspect of your workers, there’re some things that you MUST take into consideration when hiring them.

Customer is first

This is the top priority; our service is customer friendly and directed to solve their problems. Therefore, we trust them and our goal is to help them, not to hassle them. Some companies are suspicious about how the clients want to cheat them and make them pay the price of their own paranoia. Others, don’t care about who they hire to attend the public and end up with workers that don’t provide a proper attention.

Making your clients feel like they’re respected and heard is indispensable; otherwise, you’ll lose them and most probably get a bad review.

Top qualities

For making sure that your clients are satisfied, you need to hire the right personnel. These qualities represent the capabilities that every worker must have in order to be able to work effectively with the public. Among those abilities, the top-priority abilities are:

Communication skills: clear and direct communication is essential, being able to make the client understand the solution without spending hours on the phone is a must.
Listening ability: many people try to solve the client’s problem even before knowing what it is, hire people that can listen and understand.
Positive language: some people always have the “no” word on their mouth, you need to hire employees that can turn negative words into positives.
Ability to read customers and to react to them: some customers are simply unsatisfied just because they are and others can’t even tell you what they need. An intuitive employee with a good reaction ability is definitely the solution for this kind of clients.
Calming presence: if something we’ve learned at Quicken is that our clients can be both relaxed or stressed by customer service. Hiring people who have an aura of peace and tranquility helps a lot to ease the communication especially when it’s through a phone call.
Vocation: working with the public can be too satisfying or too frustrating. That’s why you need to hire people that have a vocation for it and not people that will treat the client according to the mood of the morning.
Persuasion: an employee that converts curious users into firm clients is a golden piece. Persuasion is a strong weapon when it comes to the essentials of a great customer support because most of the calls you’ll receive are probably regarding some interest In products instead of problems.

Mistakes avoidance

As we mentioned, no human is perfect, and making mistakes is a normal part of any business. The issue is what you can do as a company to avoid these mistakes or to deal with them. In Quicken, we believe that are some indispensable aspects to consider:

Your employees are not willing to learn: if a person thinks he knows it all and refuses to learn from others or take advantage, they more likely to commit mistakes.
You hire anyone without checking on their vocation: if you choose your employees careless, the result will probably be that they don’t care about the clients. Make sure to choose people who are willing and have a service-mind.
Your employees are not well-informed about the products/services and don’t know how to solve problems: provide your employees with all the orientations and information they need to actually get involved with the company and be prepared to solve any issue
Your employees are not resolved: give your employees the trust and freedom to act and resolve problems, also make sure the people you hire is willing to do what it takes to help the client. This way, you avoid the most common mistake on customer support which is doing the less effort possible and keep the client trying for hours to take the solution out of your employee.

Technical Factor

There’re some factors regarding your system in general that are essential for a great customer support service but not necessarily related with people or employees. Among those you can find

Well-designed website

Our website is like our card of presentation; that’s probably the first place a client will look for answers. If a company develops an effective and useful website, they will probably avoid receiving calls for routine/basic questions that will consume time and can be easily solved online.

Make sure it’s organized and user-friendly and that it includes all the basic info regarding your products, ways to contact you and also a very well-though FAQ sections.


Another important technical factor is when your support service is available. It’s understandable that many companies can’t afford to have people on the phone 24/7 to attend clients, but luckily, we are at an age where there’re more solutions, especially regarding the internet.

Investing in chatbots, e-mail service and autoresponse are excellent ways to reduce the cost of hiring people and still maintain your service 24/7 (you can even reduce other factors such as punctuality and reaction).


An essential of great customer service is that it must be FREE of charge. A person who is trying to communicate with your company in order to solve a problem on a product they paid for should not be charged for it. In case that you need to add some extra fees to solve specific problems, make sure to make them as low as possible and only if indispensable. Also, make sure to charge them ONLY AFTER the problem is solved. Otherwise, it would be completely unethical, so it’s better to keep the service free.

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